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trays for entertaining


fresh vegetables and dip 

fresh vegetable assortment with a choice of house
made dip: dill, hummus, caramelized onion, lemon feta.

small $37.50 med $50.00 large $87.50


dip trio

choice of gruyere salad, cranberry salsa, hummus,
caramelized onion, lemon and feta, served with
vegetables and crackers.

small $30.00 med $40.00 large $70.00


green salads

classic caesar - creamy caesar dressing, grated
cheese, house made croutons.

mixed greens - cranberries, walnuts, goat cheese,
carrots, cucumber.

small $36.00 med $50.00 large $80.00


deli salads 7.99/lb (serves up to 5 per lb)

when grapes get the blues pasta - blue cheese,
grapes, onion.

pasta pesto -  mixed seasonal vegetables.

smoked gouda - pasta with smoked gouda, red
pepper, spinach.

lemon orzo - pasta, feta, dried cranberries, spinach,
lemon juice and zest. 

broccoli salad - bacon and red pepper with
creamy dressing.

tortellini salad - salami, artichoke, mozzarella,
sun dried tomato, red wine vinaigrette.


* ask about additional, seasonal options



fruit platter - beautifully assorted fresh fruits.

small $36.00 med $50.00 large $80.00

sweet dessert - a delicious and sweet selection of mini art mart cookies, brownies and other delectable sweets.

small $30.00 med $40.00 large $70.00


* full ingredient lists are available upon request



* all packages and pricing are subject to change due
  to availability or substitutions. all packages are
  customizable for your specific needs.

boxed lunches


classic lunch box 9.95

specialty sandwich, chips, cookie,
and a napkin

gourmet lunch box 11.95

specialty sandwich, chef’s choice
pasta salad, fruit salad, cookie,
napkin & utensils.


art mart specialty sandwich selections:

tuna cranberry on whole wheat wrap.

ham and turkey, swiss, honeycup mustard on our house made croissant.

turkey & bacon, cucumber, housemade ranch
dressing on focaccia.

curried chicken salad on croissant.

hummus with artichoke, roasted pepper, spinach on whole wheat wrap.

turkey & brie, raspberry jam, on a baguette.

roast beef, swiss cheese, horseradish mayo, cucumber on whole wheat wrap.

classic egg salad with dill on croissant

tarragon chicken salad on croissant.

veggie, swiss, herb cream cheese honeycup
mustard on croissant.


* ask about additional, seasonal sandwich
  options. green salads also available.
  additional fee may apply.



specialty sodas available, please ask for options.


minimum of 6 orders, please. delivery fee may apply.

art mart platters

small 15-18 / med 20-25 / large 35-40 guests



sunrise breakfast platter
mini croissants, scones, muffins, assorted pastries,
butter and fruit preserves.

small $52.50 med $70.00 large $122.50


deli sandwich platter
your choice of house made specialty sandwiches with various deli meats, cheeses and condiments.

small $85.50 med $118.75 large $190.00


artisan cheese and fruit platter

selection of artisan cheeses with a fruit assortment.small $52.50 med $70.00 large $122.50


charcuterie and antipasti platter 

selection of imported salumi, smoke meats, artichokes, olive variety and peppers.

small $52.50 med $70.00 large $122.50


shrimp platter

rosemary-marinated roasted shrimp.

small $45.00 med $62.50 large $100.00


greek platter

hummus, feta, dolmas, veggies, crackers.

small $37.50 med $50.00 large $87.50


antipasti platter

tortellini, salami, roasted peppers, provolone.

small $37.50 med $50.00 large $87.50 


mini salad/sandwich trays

curried chicken, ham salad, tuna salad, egg salad.



snack tray

savory palmier, cheese twists, crisps with cheese spread. $3/person



savory palmiers

pesto, sun dried tomato, olive, or pimento cheese. 


spanokopita bites

spinach and feta cheese in phyllo crisps.

small $27.00 med $37.50 large $60.00