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Art Mart began in 1958 as an art gallery in a building near the University of Illinois campus. Linda Ballard and Carol Ann Hurt bought the business in 1964, when it was still located in a no longer existing building on Green Street, and they moved it to a new location in the Co-ed Theater building. In 1979 Art Mart moved to its current location in Lincoln Square and expanded into the food business as a response to the growing interest in new an interesting food. Art Mart Toys opened in fall of 1993 and is located across the common area from Art Mart. Since 1964, the store has continued to be constantly changing in the nature of its merchandise as the particular interests of the owners, as well as the community, grow and change. What has always remained constant, however, is an emphasis on providing our customers with well-designed and high quality products. These products are presented in an atmosphere that suggests vitality, color and excitement, a sense of being on the edge in Champaign-Urbana.

At Art Mart we carry a selection of fine oils from Italy, France, Greece, Spain and domestic dipping oils. Our vinegars are of equal quality and are also sourced from around the Mediterranean. We also stock the world's finest mustards, hot sauces, pesto, pasta sauces, jams and preserves all for a discriminating palate.

Art Mart Foods has a full deli, bakery and gelato selection. Our deli contains all of the everyday cheeses you would expect, but we also have hard to find, unusual cheeses that will stand up to even the boldest Barolo. Ask for a sample, we are always eager to share our experience and suggestions for your party or event. Our latest addition is always unique and probably something you'll love!

In our bakery our famous croissants are baked fresh every morning. The exact same recipe for over 30 years running. Enjoy chocolate, almond, cherry, apple, herb & cream cheese, spinach & feta, and the always popular ham & Swiss.

*Special orders are also accepted, please allow 24 hours for best service.

Each vintage we carry is tasted and scrutinized before it comes to our sales floor. As with our grocery products and cheeses, each item is selected because of it's quality. We don't have a staggering selection, that's not who we are. We have an excellent selection. You can rest assured that the product will meet or exceed your expectations. We don't select based on a label or a name. Quite simply, we select based on experience and quality, our reputation depends on it!

All of the wines on our floor have been tasted by our staff. We can make recommendations to you and help you make a selection to complete your meal. Or make a selection for the perfect hostess gift. Just ask!

Home & Toys
Art Mart's Modern Living department offers a selection of quality cookware and fine dinnerware, as well as a variety of gifts and greeting cards for all occasions. Our toy store is full of fun for children of all ages. We carry new and classic board games, puzzles, kites and much more. Be sure to ask about our complimentary gift wrapping

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